Varidesk Pro Plus 36 vs. Standee Boost

Varidesk is one of the most well-known standing desk companies. Their mass marketing and huge advertising budget has enabled them to get their product in front of millions of eyes. Their most popular model, Varidesk Pro Plus 36, is an add-on height adjustable desk that is 36” wide. We recently came out with the Standee Boost, a comparable model to the Varidesk, however here are 3 reasons why our desk is better:


  1. Larger work surface

The Varidesk does not have much of a true work surface at all. If you view the Varidesk from an aerial angle, then you see that it consists of two parts: a monitor riser and a large keyboard tray. If you were going to open up and read through a sales binder where would you put it? How about if you wanted to take notes, where would you do so?

 Varidesk Pro 36 Aerial Shot

Instead of solely having a monitor riser in addition to a keyboard tray, the Standee Boost has a 35” x 23.5” desktop that doubles as a work surface and a monitor riser. It actually provides a place for you to put your laptop, note pad, papers, etc. giving you all the space you need to be productive at your workstation.

 Standee Boost Height Adjustable Desktop Standing Desk Aerial View

  1. Vertical adjustment

To adjust the height on the Varidesk, you must lean forward and then pull back in order to get the desk up. It moves horizontally and vertically simultaneously. This poses a much greater risk of injury due to the strain on your back from the pull back motion. Along with the injury risk, the top height of the Varidesk Pro Plus 36 is only 17 1/2". 

 Varidesk Pro 36 Diagonal Movement

The Boost has no diagonal movement. Its height adjusts only vertically on a gas-spring scissor lift. Therefore the only motion is the individual guiding the desk up with his or her arms instead of leaning over and pulling the desk up, using their back along with their arms. Also, the max height of the Standee Boost is 20". 

 Standee Boost Height Adjustable Desktop Standing Desk Scissor Lift

  1. More affordable

The Varidesk Pro Plus 36 retails at $395. The Standee Boost retails at $349.95 for Black MDF and $389.95 for Amber or Natural Bamboo. Boom. Boosting the number of green bills in your wallet as well as your productivity is our MO. Why pay more for a desk that does not leave you any work space and could lead to injury?! Check out the Standee Boost today!

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Reid Hollen
Reid Hollen