Standing Desk User Interview - Standee Boost

In November, we launched the Standee Boost. Our height adjustable desktop standing desk allows for a smooth transition between sitting and standing throughout the workday and can be seamlessly integrated into an existing workspace. Nicholai Hansen of Long Beach was one of the first customers to preorder the Boost. We interviewed him a month later to get his feedback on his new height-adjustable desk and his transition to standing while working.

Standee Boost Standing Desk User

Where do you work?

I work at Manson Construction Co. We are a general contractor that specializes in marine construction. We build bridges, wharves, and docks. I work as a field engineer. However, most of my time is spent working in the office. I provide technical assistance for our project managers, and coordinate suppliers, subcontractors and crews for whichever contract I am currently working on. So my job title is a bit of an oxymoron; I spend the majority of my time working behind a desk not out in the field.

I’ve been with Manson Construction for several months now, but my previous job was more veritable; I spent very little time at a desk. So moving into an office setting has been an adjustment.

What motivated you to make the switch to a height-adjustable desk?

I moved to a standing desk because my back was beginning to ache from slouching in a chair all day in the office. My back actually doesn’t ache anymore. I’m not sure if it’s because I’m not slouching, or because I’m able to stand up, but regardless it is helping.

I’m also aware of the data out there today that equates sitting all day with smoking. When I came back to work in an office setting I knew that I didn’t want to succumb to a completely sedentary work life. I spend the overwhelming majority of my days working at a desk now and so I want to make sure that my way of making a living isn’t also slowly destroying my livelihood.

Do others in your office also have height-adjustable desks?

Currently no one else uses standing desks in my office. But since I’ve switched, a few of my co-workers are looking to transition as well. It’s funny because the Standee Boost has actually made my workday more sociable. Since receiving the desk a month ago, I have met several people I didn’t even know yet just because they wanted to check out my new workstation.

What has been the hardest part about making the switch to a standing desk?

I haven’t found a downside to the desk yet. I would say that standing all day would be difficult for me. The Standee anti-fatigue mat is super helpful in keeping me standing at my desk, but I think I’m still not cut out to be an all-day stander. The great thing about the Boost is how easy it is to move from standing to sitting in one quick, fluid motion. The height-adjustable nature of the desk is really key for me.

Brendan Jackson
Brendan Jackson